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About Us

We aim to provide immediate relief to women and their families who need a short-term break away by providing retreats for our guests to relax, reconnect and recharge with family, friends and supporters.

Help us support those living with breast cancer and buy your ticket(s) or donate today.

More than 700 families take advantage of time away together each year at an OTIS Foundation property...

Just like former guest and supporter, Karlee Thorpe.

"I quite honestly never felt more fit or healthy prior to my breast cancer diagnosis at 36. As a wife and mother of two young children, it was the beginning of a very tough journey through a bilateral mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation."

"I was starting to feel like my house was a hospital so I booked a week away at an OTIS retreat with my family. It seemed like the perfect time to find ‘us’ again at the end of my radiation. I don’t really think I appreciated the 'gift' that OTIS provided until I picked up the guest book and read through all of the entries from other OTIS guests."

"My first thought was oh my gosh I’m not alone, that there were so many other people out there going through breast cancer just like I was."

"I actually felt at that point, like picking up the phone and calling all of the owners of these properties to tell them what sort of impact they were having on people’s lives and to thank them for giving me and my family the chance to recharge the batteries so we could come back and start fighting again".