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About Us

About Us

The OTIS Foundation is the only national charity which gifts retreat accommodation to those diagnosed with breast cancer. For almost 20 years, The OTIS Foundation has offered this service to support the psychological wellbeing of its guests, providing a time and space for them be away from the daily pressures of the disease. Sadly, for some, this will be the last break away them have to create special memories with their loved ones.

Currently, The OTIS Foundation has over 30 properties nationally and provides approximately 3,500 nights of retreat accommodation each year. However, with over 18,000 people diagnosed with breast cancer annually, there is a growing demand for stays at OTIS properties. 400 people are currently waiting for a stay at an OTIS Foundation property.

Our target is to increase the number of people we serve to represent 10% of those diagnosed by 2021 and to reduce our significant waitlist to as close to zero as possible within the same timeframe.

"A week away of no work, no appointments and no commitments - just R & R with my loved ones. We are so incredibly grateful that OTIS was able to provide this accommodation to my family and I after a very tough past 12 months. It was particularly good for my young children, who took my diagnosis pretty hard. But, I have made it out the other side and can’t wait to finish my treatment completely. We can’t thank you enough for what you have done for my family."
- Lauren Richardson

Every $75 raised at the 2019 OTIS Foundation Ball - A Night for Nights – will gift one night of retreat accommodation at an OTIS property to a deserving family dealing with the challenges of breast cancer.

For more information about The OTIS Foundation please visit our website or contact us